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About Us

Kiev Jewellery Company "GARAZD" was founded in 1993 and throughout the company's life we have spared no effort to create things of beauty. We are especially proud of our individual approach and excellent quality of jewellery production created by us.

For the last period the company has passed a difficult way from small shop to the industrial enterprise. We make monthly tens kilograms of high-quality jewelleries from gold and we possess the advanced technological base.

The main type of activity of Kiev Jewellery Company "GARAZD" is the production of jewelleries from gold, silver and platinum with insets from precious and gemstones so as table suits and different kinds of dishes from silver and cupronickel. Jewellers of the Company are the real masters in filigree which is made at the highest technical and aesthetical level. The Company respects interests of customers and makes individual models according special requests.

About a high degree of quality and art execution of our jewels, that fact testifies that the Kiev Jewellery Company "GARAZD" is the constant participant and the numerous prize-winner of regional and international exhibitions-fairs where high level of jeweller skill, originality of design, grace and elegance of created jewelleries compositions is marked.

That is what makes us proud!

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